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Shaking hands with a self coaching client

Getting it done ...
with you all the way. 

It starts with teamwork.

Go for it! Self-coaching is energetic teamwork of you and me, committed to do the work needed to help you get your business 'totally successful', paying its way and paying you, as quickly as possible.

It's you... taking charge.

Imagine: your business... your way.

Are you just thinking about it?

Ready to dive in, yet hesitant?

Owning your own business is the most personal thing most people ever do for themselves.


It's all-encompassing. It can take you over, challenge everything you think and feel - and it can be the greatest thing you've ever done. And you don't have to do it alone, even when you're not sure what to do next. 

Self-coaching client looking out into the ocean seeking clarity
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'Self-Coaching' yourself...

I'll help you hear yourself
and support yourself
to get what you want done. 

I've done it with millionaires, stumped but sure they can do it once they know their solution. Working with start-ups, and just dreams, I had an intimate role in helping them sort out their options and believe in their best interests. I've seen people become the best of themselves as they built their own business and followed their own dream: business success is personal.
Ultimately, they sought 'total success': a profitable business able to reward them, their colleagues, their customers and their community. Starting out, they weren't sure.

Some were stubborn visionaries, some quiet entrepreneurs following their heart and others brilliant creators developing something new. All of them allowed me to see their dream and celebrate their sometimes lonely determination
to make it happen.  

Like you, they didn't have a 'how to manual'. They were inspired only by their heart's desire for how it could work. 

My role is to listen...
to hear you when you don't.

Listening is a privilege. I become your trustworthy silent partner who knows your pain and joins your passion, committed to your success. 

Hearing yourself is a power. 
My job is to help you hear your heart's desire and support your unique ability to express it; profitably. 


In business, volunteering, even helping friends - my value is hearing what people are really saying, then helping them believe it's possible. Once clear,

their results were amazing.

Modern Office

Let's Talk First

See if Go for it! Self-Coaching fits your needs or merits your time and money by briefly discussing it with me.

We both need to feel confident that it will work for you.  Simply submit an inquiry providing your contact information, noting you want to talk about it, and I'll be in touch to arrange a time that works for you.

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