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It's "self-coaching", helping you, help yourself.

This kind of self-coaching is a dynamic collaboration of you and me focusing only on what you want to do. I will simply ask you the questions only you can answer. You'll shared the only answers that really matter. We'll keep clarifying what you mean until you know you mean it. I'll be with you, helping you, hearing you, cheering for you. 

Go for it! Self-Coaching is an easy conversation about what matters to you right now, and how to get it done. 

It's about creating your personal success in business.


What Do You Want?

We’ll start by getting a general idea of what you want to accomplish. How do you plan to be valuable to others in your business? How will you make sure it works for you totally, not you working for it? We want to see it from your point of view and clearly define it.


What Really Matters?

We’ll make sure we know how it fits with the values and aspirations that matter to you today: your ‘heart’s desire’. Since it matters, it merits your best ideas and your best effort, before anything else. 


What’s Involved?

We’ll explore what it means, how it affects you and all the factors that might influence your choices in dealing with it. We want to consider anything that might get in the way or affect your satisfaction with the outcome or results you want. We want a 'total success'.


What’s Your Best Choice?

Seldom do questions have only one answer. We’ll help you find what fits your needs and how you can do it in ways that work for you. You'll recognize the best way to harness your unique vison and values in creating your personal success.


Next Steps

Once you know, you're clear and confident, it's time to do it - if you choose. You'll identify clear doable steps and outcomes that help you get what you want, the way you want, in an action plan that makes sense.    


Go for it! Self-Coaching means you’re in charge and you own everything in the process: what you bring to it, how you do it and what you do with it.


It’s 'self-coaching', using me to listen, hear and make sure you hear what you want and how to get it - as the person you are today, with the wisdom you have today. 

Defining our ‘heart’s desire’ is empowering - it's what matters to you today - it's your life’s superpower - your personal vision of success.

Don't sell yourself short; if you're thinking it, it's important. It warrants your best ideas about how to make it happen, before you risk or do anything else. If you're feeling it, Go for it!

Your business, your life - in sync with your highest ambitions and values: 'total success'. 

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