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What's calling you today?

Being really alive is being in the moment, in sync with the best of yourself.

Your 'best' constantly changes, available only now, as you are, as you act.

A boat on the water in Vancouver BC

"...Maybe 6 months?"

My doctor said, "that thing on your forehead is cancer". President and majority owner of a successful ad agency, my home and office overlooking False Creek in downtown Vancouver, BC, 46, and suddenly "maybe 6 months" to live: I was dazed. Oddly, my heart's desire emerged: instantly I wanted the boat I'd dreamed of for six years. I got it and another 14 years on the famous waters of the Salish Sea, with family and friends. That was 35 years ago. It was another example of allowing myself to hear my heart's desire and honouring it; the same way I had started the agency, Equity Communications Inc. It seems too simple to live in the moment, guided by your 'heart's desire'. It seems too simple to live a life that is constantly updating and honouring that precious desire. Yet it is the very purpose of life: to be alive, living in sync with what matters to you each minute you have a choice to honour it. 


Learning to hear yourself, to take your needs seriously and to be accountable to yourself for making it happen - that's the personal power of the few who empower their dreams... and build their business. It's a personal 'total success'. 

"We want a divorce!"

Stoked, I'd explained how great my new problem-solving skills were working for clients and they were riveted. Then they insisted I show them how it worked.  Reluctantly, I said, "okay, tell me, what's a good problem in your life right now?". In unison, they said, "we want a divorce". I gulped. I was just an ad guy who helped business owners build their dreams. They were family asking me to help them. My training kicked in and we began; me listening, them explaining what had happened and why a 'divorce' was the only answer. In telling me, they heard themselves - and each other - for the very first time. At 6:30 am, over twelve hours later, they signed off on a mutual action plan to get what they really wanted: a marriage that works for both of them, 'their heart's desire'. That was four kids and decades of marriage ago. In hearing their heart's desire, they heard the shared values that had first attracted them to each other - they had been given the time and safe space to hear it again. 

Person dancing at the club

Is it your turn?

We won!

A brand-new boutique marketing agency, pitted against Vancouver's biggest and best, and we won! And then our new client said, 'we're broke'. He had invested everything - his money and himself - devising an integrated accounting software package for small business. Getting us on board was a desperate effort to find a way to make it a success. After listening to his story, he and his idea were amazing; as was his passion to take it to market. We became his emotional partners, devising a national ad campaign inviting small business owners to buy it directly from our client, eliminating huge distribution costs and more time. It worked. Within two years, flush with success, our client went public. Just a few months after that, he sold his dream to a multinational that made it a market leader. Once again, I witnessed how a heart's desire, seized and honoured, leads to a person's unique joy and their 'total success'. Again, I helped someone get what they want by helping them help themselves; by helping them hear themselves and their personal dream.  

Modern Office

Let's Talk First

See if Go for it! Self-Coaching fits your needs or merits your time and money by briefly discussing it with me.

We both need to feel confident that it will work for you.  Simply submit an inquiry providing your contact information, noting you want to talk about it, and I'll be in touch to arrange a time that works for you.

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