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Putting your ideas into action takes courage...
hearing yourself is your personal advantage.

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You Are a Miracle

So many different things and times have come together and instantly changed to create you - all of it constantly evolving as you uniquely sense and survive every experience - it's your personal survival instinct -  being alive minute to minute.


To Survive, We Conform

Humans are extremely vulnerable at birth, so we survive by relying on parents, our tribe and its leaders. They protect us, teach us, reward and motivate us. We grow by doing what they say, exhorting us to fulfill the needs and wishes they have for us. So we learn to depend on others and how to please them. We try to be like them - the one's in charge, in control of things - thinking it's how we survive,  become popular or powerful.


Always, We Learn, Evolve

We see how things turn out - who seems to get what they want; the things we learn to want too. Somehow, they have or know things we don't, so we imitate them. Our imitations are often not us, as each of us is different from everyone else. We devise other ways of being, in our unconscious imagination.


Secretly, We Change

Everything we've done, survived, sensed and interpreted, changes us. Deep inside we evolve a different way to be, with a different way to be it. It's not what others want from us, so we hide it. We are valuable only when we meet the needs of others, so we conform or rebel, join or leave. Mostly we follow - parents, friends, employers, partners, leaders - giving them the power to control things in our lives in the hope they will give us what we hope will make us happy.


Our Tribe Changes

We grew up in cultures that gave authority to the most forceful, those having the 'power' to control and influence things. 'Power' - being able to do what we want, how we want -  is the emotional currency of human life: we need it to express ourselves; and often to control others. Today, old hierarchical power systems and values seem unable to control the kind and rate of change affecting us, so power is being defied, redefined, becoming more personal, more urgent.


Our Evolving ‘Heart’s Desire'

In Go for it! Self-Coaching our lifeforce energy as two hearts - the one we've secretly become and long to be, but in the background - and - the dominate one with the adaptive skills that help us survive by pleasing others - in the foreground. Being alive, is living with our heart energies in sync - honouring who we are by doing what matters to us.  It's the superpower of living a life that matters to us... and it's personal.


Everything is Changing

We live in an era when existential change is obvious and demanding. Most assumptions and beliefs are being challenged as we see the chaos of competing forces fight for control - from the earth itself in the climate crisis, to large groups of desperate people fleeing war, poverty, unliveable regions or suffocating dictatorships  - all nearly overwhelmed by fear, exploitation and abuse from the old order or systems. Valiantly they fight for life and a better future. 


What matters now?

Humans adapt to survive, no matter what it takes. It's our amazing evolved human instinct, our default ability and an individual choice. We're wired to survive:

if we can. If we choose.

Our primal instinct is to live. Our evolved instinct is to matter - to be important to something we deeply value and choose to express. It's personal, revealing who we are and our joy. 



Choices are most often forced on us by others or by something forcing us to change.

Or, something can inspire us to stand up for ourselves: to be who we really are and to do what we really want. That choice is only possible when it occurs. It can be

a small thing or immense - 

we choose to make it matter. It's our "heart's desire", calling us to honour our deepest values and unique aspirations in the present. It's life's superpower, our personal passport to 'total success'.

Why 'now'
is the best time?

Humans can uniquely imagine other times and places,

often living in the past or in a future that may never be.

We delude ourselves, feeling like life will never end, so

we live in fantasy of what might be someday. Sadly, some think they are entitled to a better life, or that it will eventually happen. 

But real life, being alive, is only now, in the present, making 

instinctive personal choices to survive. Choosing our future.

It's now that matters, empowering us to be alive,

claim ourselves and be who we are in the only time

we have for sure - this instant.

What matters is what we choose to do right now. 

Let yourself know, listen to
Go for it! Self-Coaching 

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Let's Talk First

See if Go for it! Self-Coaching fits your needs or merits your time and money by briefly discussing it with me.

We both need to feel confident that it will work for you.  Simply submit an inquiry providing your contact information, noting you want to talk about it, and I'll be in touch to arrange a time that works for you.

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