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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

How powerful, how simple, how defining. Life's choices - me choosing to do one thing instead of another - instantly changing myself, putting my actions and my expectations in service to my choice. A friend helped me understand how powerful my choices are, inviting me to take a breath, recall my intention or goal, and then choose: make an informed choice. Doing so, he explained, puts my choice in alignment to my purpose. Today I've come to realize that's my heart's desire. That simple, powerful, defining awareness is indeed 'life's superpower'. To put my heart's desire in sync with my evolved personal survival instincts - how I exist even when I'm not consciously making choices - harnesses the power of everything I am and do, today. Suddenly I am in service to my heart, my highest values, my unique joy. Suddenly my choice ignites the best of me, once again. To some, such a choice is almost unconscious. They are driven by a vision, a curiosity or a dream that overwhelms any other choice that may occur to them. They are the few. No such compulsion exists for most, living autodidactically like Einstein, Da Vinci, Edison, Hamilton (Margaret) or Jobs. Instead, ordinary people are trained to become like most other people: follow the rules, do as you're told, believe what I tell you. We put ourselves in service to others, or at least to what they expect of us, thinking that will fulfill and reward us. It seldom does. The courage to hear our heart, choose to honour it's urging and continue to make the choices needed to maintain that commitment is the life most of us long to live. It seems too simple, often too hard and sometimes a treason to all we've been taught. Yet it is that single choice that awaits each of us, if only we are willing to hear it, in the only time we have: now. The heart's desire is constantly updated and evolved with everything we experience, thus it is only in the moment we are willing to hear it, that it is available to us. That is each person's evolved survival instinct...their reason for being's superpower. Oh, I must tend to my choice; excuse me.

In a fog? Listen to your heart's desire.
Personal, private 'me' time.

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