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Listen, Gratitude's Calling

No matter how you sing it, dance it, say it or feel it,

Gratitude enlivens and restores, life is seen anew,

No matter how much, how little, how hard or easy,

Our gratitude fuels the human spirit to try once again,

That small flame of recognition, some little thing, warms us,

No matter the distance, the loss, the sadness or the hole,

A spark of gratitude, recognition of how we were blessed,

Not by god, or fate or some mysterious power; by us, seeing,

In seeing the gift, the wondrous spark, the time we mattered,

That gratitude, that acceptance, that celebration of us,

Is the tiny spark of possibility, of invitation, of courage,

The gratitude that shows us the ways we’re powered, we live,

The things that matter to us, that give us meaning and life,

No matter how small, who was there, what happened,

If we recall its gift, we ignite ourselves, we choose again, to live,

That’s gratitude calling, inviting, showing us, asking us again,

Why not live for that again, that wondrous part of you, at your best,

Why not give yourself to it, fully, as if your life depends upon it,

That gratitude is telling you who you are, for what you live, and care,

That gratitude, uniquely seen, created and celebrated by you, now,

Beckons you, ‘come; come this way, give yourself to that again’, and live.


Dale R. Partridge

December 18, 2023

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