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"with curiosity, courage and compassion."

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

"Honour the rhythm of your soul, with curiosity, courage and compassion," was the complete message I heard that night. Three simple clear challenges that serve me well, when I invoke them. Curiosity is the fire of my soul, constantly asking what, why, when, how, etc. Courage comes more slowly to me, sometimes daunted by self-doubt, self-consciousness or fears of rejection. Compassion, specifically self-compassion, comes slowest of all, as I default to the negative training and experiences of my life, seemingly indelible refrains of being defective, insufficient or bad. These are common challenges in life, possibly true in your own life. For me they are overcome when I put myself into the present minute and ask myself, "what's next, now?" That's when I am flooded with my heart's desire, to be useful in helping someone deal with something important to them. That's my personal superpower, me at my best, accessing everything I value and my highest aspirations. That's my joy as well. Suddenly, this instant, I am honouring the rhythm of my soul; instantly, I choose to matter, in everything. Inevitably, it enhances my entire day, each minute and all of my sensations. I see the amazing fall colours, the tenacious wintering plants, the sky and my life's landscape, with a quiet joy and energy. My driving improves and my awareness of those I share the road with increases, as I am aware and take care of them and myself. People I see seem individual and wonderfully expressed so I quietly register my respect, sometimes with good humour. Each minute of the day, each minute I'm aware of "honouring the rhythm of my soul with curiosity, courage and compassion" is a gift that I have given myself and with my regard for others, to the world I live with. Let's do that together. [photo: Seawall of Stanly Park, Vancouver, BC]

Your heart's desire invites the best for you, today.
What brings you here today?

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