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   Affordable by design.

Go for it! Self-Coaching is specifically for people wanting to put their business life into alignment with their personal life: 'total success'. This is an affordable, fast way to help you take an inventory of your options and find your best alternatives, in any situation. Sessions are scheduled as wanted and available, starting with the mandatory purchase of the 3 sessions in

'Go fot It! Client' 


As wanted...

1 x 45-minute

$65 + GST


Go for it!

Get started...

3 x 45-minute sessions 

$195 + GST


Pricing Policies

All fees Canadian $ plus GST, net of other costs or currency exchange.

Fees and conditions can change without notice.

Client costs are established and protected throughout each process. 

Clients may stop sessions at any time without cause.

Cancellations 2 working days prior to sessions: 50% credit for services.

Less than 2 working days: session remains paid.

Quality Assurance
If anything reduces or interferes with the effectiveness of services,
Go for it! Self-Coaching reserves the right to end services without cause or recourse, just as Clients can at anytime. Please see "Privacy" below to understand what quality means to us.

Modern Office

Let's Talk First

See if Go for it! Self-Coaching fits your needs or merits your time and money by briefly discussing it with me.

We both need to feel confident that it will work for you.  Simply submit an inquiry providing your contact information, noting you want to talk about it, and I'll be in touch to arrange a time that works for you.

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