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"Honour the rhythm of your soul."

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Sound asleep, I sensed a clear voice was telling me something. "Honour the rhythm of your soul", it said, with no explanation, alarm or indication of its intention. That voice and it's invitation has haunted me most everyday since. That was 34 years ago. It's become a navigation aid for me, helping me to get present, get in touch with what I'm doing and what my intentions are in doing it. Today, as a Go for it! Self-Coaching host and facilitator, it remains my code to invite others to the same place - a personal place of meaning and mattering in the moment. That place is 'your heart's desire', the unique place and meaning only you can know and make sense of for yourself. I believe it exists for each of us and that it emerges from the unique alchemy of who we are: everything we inherited, everything we experienced and everything we have learned in life, to become 'you'. It evolves with every breath, ready to assist us if only we are willing to hear it - our 'heart's desire'. It's not a hidden message or mysterious invitation to only a few. It exists for each of us and we can hear it when we are ready to listen. Listen to ourselves. In today's world that's challenging. Who are we to decide what we should do in the midst of all the chaos, the conflicting calls, the pressures to get by and the increasingly scary news of what's happening in the world? My view: you are precisely the one to hear it. Indeed, the only one that can hear it, as it is your personal survival instinct of how you - only you - can create something that matters right now. Only you can hear your 'heart's desire' and only you can act on it. It's life's superpower.

Making life matter for yourself.
Dreams...your heart's

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